3D Visualisation - Facade Design.
We can Design Custom & Unique Facades to suit your Floorplan.
Producing hundreds of Residential 3D Visualisations for nearly 20 years has provided a great opportunity to learn about the art of Facade Design, and we now proudly offer this deeper level service to customers.   We start with your floorplan and discuss possible facade 'themes' (eg. Coastal, Modern, Heritage).
We produce various 2D designs for review and then we can visualise them further with 3D.
3D Viz Facade Design
Here's a collection of home facades designed entirely by Congo Systems. The customer provided floorplans and some basic details for themes and entrusted us with the artistic direction. We combined creative flair with a long-standing experience of market trends.   The result was a cohesive range of home styles designed to appeal to a broad audience.
Additionally each facade design included 4 variations on the colours & textures used as this also plays a large role in catering to end-customer preferences.