3D Floorplans Animated.
We've got all the angles covered here!
If you've been tempted by the virtues of utilising
3D Floorplans, then the ability to animate these plans really takes it to a new level.

We've developed processes to make it possible to view the 3D plan as it rotates through 360º.

One way is via conventional 3D Video. We generate hundreds of frames that view the plan from every angle then compose this sequence into a Video.
  Another technique we've programmed is best for deployment into a web page.
Similar to 3D Video, a large number of frames are generated by spinning the plan through 360º.
These frame images are then loaded into a web player which gives the user complete control over the rotation of the plan via mouse/touch.

This really gives a client the ability to carefully review an entire plan from every angle.